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If there is one area within the U.S. that’s flooded with untapped potential and hope, it’s the sunny beach town of Fort Lauderdale, FL. With the sudden surge of the real estate market in 2022, sellers have opportunities available to them like never before. Similarly, underappreciated properties give investors, entrepreneurs and future real estate magnates a means of expanding their portfolios, garnering impressive profits from their efforts and hard work. Among these individuals lies one man who dares to strive for excellence in the face of adversity: Anton Joro.

Buying Portfolios and Reaping the Rewards

With the sudden real estate commotion, now is the time for aspiring superstars to scoop up properties. Although the average price of a home in the area is up almost 12% compared to last year, finding commercial properties and multi-family properties from panicked sellers is easy to manage.

More importantly, profitability can be found within the market of second-hand furniture sales, appliances and renovations. Put simply, when an individual unloads property to new buyers, leftover materials flood the market, leaving profits on the table for entrepreneurs. Joro and his team find these deals to further their business and derive capital from unsuspecting locations.

Outside the Box

With the surplus of property coming onto the market, new firms — specifically within the realm of technology — are using the state of Florida to call home. And who can blame them? With the beautiful weather, sandy beaches, taxes benefits and entrepreneurial spirit that fills Fort Lauderdale, FL, there’s no better place to skyrocket one’s business success. According to data released by Fort Lauderdale’s official website, over 6,000 technology firms have relocated to the city to establish their roots. More importantly, the data goes on to reveal that unlike other hubs within the state, such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale hasn’t felt the side effects of instability within the real estate market.

Reach Out: I don’t head Murphy, I am a part of Murphy

Whether you’re looking to merge with another corporate entity, need an evaluation on your residence or want to sell a large commercial property, Anton Joro is here to help. More specifically, Anton Joro heads a large organization called Murphy Business Sales, with a simple goal: to bring satisfaction to customers who deal within the real estate niche. Moreover, Joro and his team pride themselves on purchasing machinery, furniture and materials used within the real estate industry, giving clients top dollar for their items. If any of your needs fall under the umbrella of Anton Joro’s expertise, don’t hesitate — call today.